Pengins For Everyone

I received a pengin!

Congratulations on your new penguin friend!

We are a family of penguin lovers (more about us here), and we or someone else thought you could use a penguin! We didn’t give you a penguin because you were sad, or because we wanted you to be happy — we sent you one because everyone should have a friend they can count on, and here’s one!

They’re fantastic for hugging, calming you down, talking to or just plain having with you on adventures.

Here are the first things you must do:

  1. Cut the tags off your penguin (this is how they know they’re part of the family)
  2. Name your penguin.
  3. Hug your penguin.

Penguins are great at:

  • Standing on their heads
  • Making you feel better
  • Finding things to do
  • Penguin charades (they’re not big talkers)

Get to know your penguin! Each penguin has its own personality — some are friendly, some are shy, some are constantly waiting for you to remark on their fine hats (to which they will reply with an enthusiastic “Thank youuuuu!!!”). What’s your friend like?

If you’d like, let us know what your new friend’s name is or send us a photo of your new friend! We can be found on Instagram or Facebook.

We hope your enjoy your new friend!

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