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Total Raised


Hello there!

When we received our first influx of (20,000-plus) requests, we asked those who could to donate, as we are but one family that definitely did not (and does not) have an extra $240,000 lying around to spend on pengins.

In fact, because we want to try to maximize our opportunities for funding, we personally spent more than $1,000 to incorporate as a nonprofit — so we’re kinda tapped out for now.

But! You amazing internetizens came through and donated enough for us to buy $1,800 worth of pengins (360, at around $5 per)! And when we pointed out that those pengins needed boxes in order to get shipped, we got another $165ish to get them 350 boxes (we had some lying around already). And finally, we were able to raise about $1,550 more to get them shipped and on their way to new homes!

But there are still many requests – including 1,200 or so we have reviewed and marked as “priority.” We would love to get those filled!

So the bar at the left will track how much we need to get our 1,200 priority requests completed – pengins and boxes purchased, and friends shipped to new homes. It costs about $9 for a pengin and box, and another $3 or $4 to ship, so we’re looking at a minimum of $12 per pengin… that times 1,200 requests is A LOT of money (more than $14,000, to be exact).

But even small donations make a huge difference. Sending even one pengin to someone who needs a smile matters. So we’ll keep trying, and we hope those of you who support what we do will keep chipping in as you can. The pengins are greatly appreciative of all our supporters!