Pengins For Everyone

Purchase a Pengin

To be 100% clear: We do not charge anything for the pengins we send. Those are all funded by our family and by our generous supporters.

That said, we have more than 20,000 requests pending right now, and that’s a lot of pengins to send on the size budget we have to work with. It also means we are not necessarily able to be fast, so if you were hoping to request a pengin for that special someone’s milestone birthday next week (or even next month, or MAYBE even next year), we can’t guarantee you’d get it in time.

So we figured we’d show you some of our favorite pengins that, if you prefer, you can simply purchase and give to said Special Someone. (Also, if you can’t afford an anniversary present, that’s one thing, but to the dozens of you who requested a free pengin to get out of spending money on an anniversary gift… c’mon. Really? Buy him/her/them something.) (And, if you send us an email, we’ll make sure to add them to the site as a recipient so their gift will count as part of the project!)

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For those of you who REALLY wanted a 3-foot-tall pengin of your own, yes, he’s on the list. No, he’s not cheap. No, we don’t send those free. Yes, he really is gigantic – not just in height, but in width, so make sure you have a nice place for him to hang out before you decide to drop $240 on his wide rear end.