Pengins For Everyone


A very large stuffed penguin, Hoogerheide, looks out over two boxes of smaller stuffed penguins. The first box is primarily a light teal, with one smaller black-and-white penguin in the corner, and the one on the right is full of smaller gray penguins.

We want to make it very clear up front: There is NO donation required to receive or request a pengin. Nor does donating in any way move someone up the list, or anything like that.

We love pengins, and we especially love it when we can share pengins with other people. To date, we’ve given away more than 200 friends to people who with serious illnesses, people who have lost loved ones, and ordinary people who just don’t have pengins of their own.

However, pengins are not cheap! The cheapest we’ve ever been able to get them is $7, and most of the time they’re found between anywhere from $10-$40. Then, shipping even one pengin to the continental US costs a minimum of $5.

As you can imagine, this adds up quickly. We continue to send as many pengins as we can, but we’re unfortunately restricted by our non-limitless supply of money.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the IRS, meaning any donations you give us are tax-deductible. We promise that we use every dollar we get to send more pengins. You can use your PayPal receipt as proof of donation. If you have any questions or would like another form of documentation, email us your PayPal receipt and we’ll get back to you.

If you feel like this is a project you can get behind, any donation amount helps. Every dime you send you us will go toward either acquiring more pengins, or for the postage and supplies needed to send them to a new home. We do not have any other “overhead” – everything you give goes directly to the costs of pengifting.

This and our donations given through our Facebook page are the only official ways to contribute, and sharing this page is the best way to support what we do.

We’re aware of some very nice people who are trying to help by setting up a GoFundMe and the like, but we decided against them because they took too much money. We looked hard to find the best method for accepting donations, and PayPal takes 2.9% of every donation versus GoFundMe’s 7.9%. We’re just trying to make sure we keep our overhead costs as low as we can, to put as much as we can toward shipping pengins.

No extra cash? No problem!

If you don’t have spare cash but want to support what we do, consider shopping via the Amazon Smile program.

Any time you have Amazon purchases to make – and let’s be real, that’s often, right? – start shopping via

If you’ve chosen Pengins for Everyone as your charity, when you buy qualifying items we’ll get 0.5% of the value of your purchase.

It doesn’t cost you anything, and we get a little bit of extra money to help us do what we do.


Not your thing? That’s cool too!

If you feel a little weird just giving us money, we totally understand. We don’t build new homes, we don’t feed the hungry — we’re just trying to bring more happiness into the world through stuffed friends. If you’re looking for a way to give back more concretely, though, we encourage you to use Charity Navigator to find a charity worth giving money to.

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