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None of your information will be shared, sold, or used for any reason other than getting a pengin sent to the requestee.

Hello there!

If you came from a freebies site, please note we are not a company doing this for marketing, and these are not "samples." This is a program run by a family who wants to spread a small bit of joy to people. If you're just looking to get something for free, we strongly urge you not to fill out this form, as you're potentially taking the spot of someone who will truly benefit from it. We also have the full right to completely ignore any requests we don't think are legitimate (don't forget, we can see what pages you came from).

For everyone else

Sorry about that! Welcome! Do you know someone who could use a pengin? Do YOU need a pengin? Please fill out the information on this form. No information we collect will be shared with anyone, though we do include first names and general locations on our map of pengins! (If this presents a problem, please email us and let us know).

If you at any point need to modify your information or remove it from the list, please let us know at

Small caveat

Please be aware that we have more than 20,000 outstanding requests. We are committed to getting a pengin to everyone, but realistically it is going to be years before we can get them out to everyone!

If you need a pengin more quickly, you can find Amazon links to some of our favorites that you can purchase. If you use our links, Pengins For Everyone gets a cut (and can send more pengins!).

Are you at least 13 years or older?

If you're not, you need to have your parents fill out this form with their information.

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We need all this information filled out in full, because we have physically ship a pengin in the mail.

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Note: The answer does not necessarily disqualify anyone, we're just wondering

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In case we have any questions, we can get in touch with you so your request does not get stuck in pengin limbo.

Where is the pengin being sent?

/srv/ on line 329


Your request has been submitted. We will try to get a pengin out to you as soon as we can — but be forewarned, it’ll probably be awhile.